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Indianoil – TNBSA Tamilnadu State Ranking Tournament 2016-17

Billiards and Snooker – Sub Juniors, Juniors and Seniors

The state ranking tournament organised by TNBSA and sponsored by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

The tournament was inaugurated on 16th November 2016 by TNBSA President Mr.S.Surendran and officials of Indian Oil Corporation.

The ranking went on for a period of 20 days at the Association premises at No.318, Raj Complex, Avvai Shanmugham Road, (Lloyds Road) Chennai 600 086.


Shrikrishna Won the Junior Billiards Title

Junior Billiards Results

Elavarasan (Snook City) bt Sankar TNBSA) 297-163

Shrikrishna (Mylapore) bt Elavarasan (Snook City) 1090 – 198

Kaayva Bharath (Mylapore) bt Mohamed Irfan (Snook City) 478-149

Rakesh (IRI AJJ) bt Elavarasan (Snook City) 181-144

Rakesh (IRI AJJ) bt Pradhyumna (TNBSA) 282-177

Kaavya Bharath (Mylapore) bt R. Rakesh (IRI AJJ) 697-305

Shrikrishna (Mylapore) bt Kaavya Bharath (Mylapore) 714-434

Junior Snooker Results

Ashwin Ganga (TC) bt Jonah Mark Antony (Snook City) 3 – 1

Kavya Bharath (Mylapore) bt Md. Irfan (Snook City) 3 – 1

Shrikrishna (Mylapore) bt Pranav Nath (Madurai) 3 – 0

Elavarasan (Snook City) bt Shankarshana (TNBSA) 3 – 0

Pradhyumna (TNBSA) bt K. Rakesh (SVS) 3 – 0

Shrikrishna (Mylapore) bt Rakesh (IRI AJJ) 3 – 0

Rakesh (IRI AJJ) bt Karunakaran (Snook City) 3 – 0

Jayaraman (Tirupur) bt Aadesh (TNBSA) 3 – 2

Rakesh (SVS) bt Jayaram (Tirupur) 3 – 2

Kaavya Bharath (Mylapore) bt Ashwin Ganga (Snook City) 3 – 0

Md. Irfan (Snook city) bt Goutham (Snook City) 3 – 1

Elavarasan (Snook City) bt Sanjay (Snook City) 3 – 1

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